The village Sykkylven

Sykkylven has perhaps the most beautiful of all the Sunnmørs-mountains landscapes. It`s not one special thing, not the fjord, not the mountain, not the glaciers, not the valleys, but a harmony of all there. It is the well know mountain hiker, Kristofer Randers that tells this in his book on Sunnmøre.



Those of you who want to go hiking on high mountain tops, have many to explore, but we also have much light touring areas. There are several marked touristtrails in the mountains, eight maps. It is also possible to go mountain hiking with a guide. In addition there are many possibilities for trips on forest roads cheese- farm roads, and trails in lighttour areas.

There are about 7000 people that live in Sykkylven and  Aure is the center of the community. Here you can find the community offices, banks, post office, travel agency, hotel, restaurants and stores. Sykkylven has many furniture factories and the Norwegian Furniture-museum is located here.

 The Nature Historical museum has guided tours during the summer. You will find a large and impressive collection of stuffed animal and birds, exhebited with painted backgrounds. It is so artistically done that the animals look as if they are in their natural enviroments.